JRER Volume 3 (2012)


Expanding on a Journal Like This, by Miguel A. De La Torre

Volume 3, Issue 1 (January 2012)

JRER Special Issue — Volume 3, Issue 2

New Overtures: Asian North American Theology in the 21st Century:

    Essays in Honor of Fumitaka Matsuoka

Eleazar S. Fernandez, editor

Orchestrating New Theological Overtures: Heterogeneity, Dissonance, and Fluidity vis-à-vis Imperial Monophony,

by Eleazar S. Fernandez

Volume 3, Issue 2.1 (January 2012)

Asian North American Theologies in the 21st Century: A Personal Reflection,

by Fumitaka Matsuoka

Volume 3, Issue 2.2 (January 2012)

From Classical Tradition Maintenance to Remix Traditioning: Revisioning Asian American Theologies for the 21st Century,

by Jonathan Y. Tan

Volume 3, Issue 2.3 (January 2012)

Revisiting the Question Concerning (Theological) Contextualization,

by Lester Edwin J. Ruiz

Volume 3, Issue 2.4 (January 2012)

Theological Counterpoints: Transnationalism and Political Theology in Asia Pacific,

by Kwok Pui-lan

Volume 3, Issue 2.5 (January 2012)

Postcolonialism in Fugue: Contrapuntality of Asian American Experience, by Wonhee Anne Joh

Volume 3, Issue 2.6 (January 2012)

Elegies of Social Life: The Wounded Asian American,

by James Kyung-Jin Lee

Volume 3, Issue 2.7 (January 2012)

Collaborative Dissonance: Gender and Theology in Asian Pacific America, by Nami Kim

Volume 3, Issue 2.8 (January 2012)

A Three-Part Sinfonia: Queer Asian Reflections on the Trinity,

by Patrick S. Cheng

Volume 3, Issue 2.9 (January 2012)

Composing Integrity: An Approach to Moral Agency for Asian Americans,

by Sharon M. Tan

Volume 3, Issue 2.10 (January 2012)

Singing Bluegrass in a Mother Tongue: A Pedagogy for Asian North American Churches,

by Boyung Lee

Volume 3, Issue 2.11 (January 2012)

Informality, Illegality, and Improvisation: Theological Reflections on Money, Migration, and Ministry in Chinatown, NYC, and Beyond,

by Amos Yong

Volume 3, Issue 2.12 (January 2012)

Should the Pedal Point Always Bring Dissonance Back into Harmony? Interrogating Missio Dei from an Asian American Perspective,

by J. Jayakiran Sebastian

Volume 3, Issue 2.13 (January 2012)

Discordant Notes: Proselytism in an Age of Pluralism,

by J. Paul Rajashekar

Volume 3, Issue 2.14 (January 2012)

Requiem Mess: The Bitter Medicine of Religious Change,

by James Treat

Volume 3, Issue 2.15 (January 2012)

A Bembe for Chino Cubanos,

by Miguel A. De La Torre

Volume 3, Issue 2.16 (January 2012)

Suffering We Know: The Hermeneutic of Han and the Dilemma of African American (Religious) Experience,

by Anthony B. Pinn

Volume 3, Issue 2.17 (January 2012)

Worlds Made a Part,

by David Kyuman Kim

Volume 3, Issue 2.18 (January 2012)

Fit to Lead? Perceptions of Middle Eastern and Muslim Americans

as Potential Leaders in the US

by Layana C. Navarre-Jackson

Volume 3, Issue 3 (August 2012)